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The tech world is happening in English. Sharpen your English skills to participate fully in the tech market.


English is an essential skill

Improving your English  is the most impactful thing you can do for your professional momentum.

Interview Prep

Get comfortable speaking about your skills, experience, and value confidently in English.

Conversation Practice

Start speaking up with confidence! Practice using your English with other like-minded learners.

Self Study 

Become the project manager of your English skills and take your study habits to the next level.

Software Engineer

"Kira is a one of the few teachers out there that really focuses on your needs and gives you advice; she really cares that you can achieve your goals."

UX/UI Designer

"I feel so lucky to have found Kira.  I feel more confident speaking at meetings and communicating with stakeholders. "

Web Developer

"She teaches English in such a practical manner that
learning becomes natural."

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Hi, I'm Kira, and I help techies like you get their English job-ready. 


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Interview-Ready English

If your job search has been negatively affected by your English level, this sprint will help you tackle the gaps in your speaking abilities. Learn how to communicate your skills, experience, and value with confidence.

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Tech Talk Conversation Class

Language is interactive, so your improvement must necessarily include regular interaction in your target language.

Tech Talk Conversation Class is a place where you can discuss topics related to your industry and work on expressing your thoughts with detail and clarity.

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